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Why Don’t We All Have One of These?

So – why don’t we all have a solar water heater? We’re not sure. Granted, it’s about as glamorous as a set of tires, but still, the concept makes so much sense. Solar-3-2011_11_17_0003 Particularly if you live in a state with some sunshine (which is most states – yes solar thermal will work in any state, though likely a little better in Florida than in Alaska – unless it’s summer in which case Alaska might win… but we digress.)


Solar thermal merely means heating your hot water using the sun. The first solar water heaters were made in the late 19th century! Since then, the technology has improved vastly. Today’s systems are reliable, time proven and wonderfully efficient. Imagine stepping into the shower and knowing that the soothing hot water comes to you courtesy of the world’s greatest renewable energy source – the sun! No energy plant chugging away, no coal miners risking their lives, and no pollutants. Just clean pure hot water.