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A Brief History

Let’s turn towards alternative energy!


texfam Manufacturers of solar panels have popped up like mushrooms but the worse will be the non-regulations on installers. Before, anyone with a pick-up truck could grab one of those interestingly designed systems and make a fairly big mess.


What started out as a great idea was brought down – as are many great ideas – by the devil in the details. There were lots of systems that didn’t work… and worse yet did damage to the home on which they were installed.


Since then, the industry for energy efficiency has matured and made great advances. Back in the free for all days, there were about 300 “manufacturers” in the United States. Now there are… seven. These seven are the guys who would not give up, but stayed with the industry through the inevitable crash. They refined their products and branched out and held on. As for the installers, most states now have strict regulations for manufacturers and installers in the solar industry. has joined forces with some of the most experienced installers and manufacturers to provide you with great ideas and information regarding the use of energy efficient solar power. Find great solar installation options for your home today!